Success At Last

Opening Morning of the Gun Deer Opener began with a cool morning about 28 degrees. Fog set in shortly after daylight. I was nestled in my blind for a day long sit. At 7:20 a dandy 10 point emerged from the fog. It was a buck I had not seen before. He walked with a limp evidence he may have been injured  before. The antlers rose high off his head. This day my sit would be short as he came to a stop while he nosed the ground looking for a girlfriend. I had other plans for him. I broke the silence with my trusty 7 MM Mag. Quick and Clean, just the way I like it.
Early success allows me to catch up on some scouting for next year. I also can get some chores done around the lodge.  
I now can turn my attention back to the bow. With late season there is one more chance to pursue the bucks we targeted throughout the Rut. I sit in front of the fire content that if I fill my Bow Tag or not "The Pursuit is the
Reward "

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