No reply.

Hello, my perverted friend.

We've actually known each other for a while, at least I know you.
You can call me Big Brother or the All-Seeing Eye.
I'm a hacker who a few months ago gained access to your device, including your browser history and webcam.
I recorded some videos of you jerking off to highly controversial "adult" videos.
I doubt you'd want your family, coworkers, and your entire darin.bornemann.mobile@blogger.com contact list to see footage of you pleasuring yourself,
especially considering how kinky your favorite "genre".
I will also publish these videos on porn sites, they will go viral and it will be physically impossible to remove them from the Internet.

How did I do this?
Because of your disregard for internet security, I easily managed to install a Trojan on your hard disk.
Thanks to this, I was able to access all the data on your device and control it remotely.
By infecting one device, I was able to gain access to all the other devices.

My spyware is embedded in the drivers and updates its signature every few hours, so no antivirus or firewall can ever detect it.
Now I want to offer a deal: a small amount of money in exchange for your former worry free life.

Transfer $1200 USD to my bitcoin wallet:1JEvR3g6o6AbBZLWm9bvdVyeWk3yC8Rs8w

As soon as I receive confirmation of the payment,
I will delete all the videos that compromise you, remove the virus from all your devices and you will never hear from me again.
It's a very small price for not destroying your reputation in the eyes of others, who think that you are a decent man, according to your messengers.
You can think of me as some sort of life coach who wants you to start appreciating what you have.

You have 48 hours. I will receive a notification as soon as you open this email, and from this moment, the countdown will begin.
If you've never dealt with cryptocurrency before, it's very easy. Simply type "cryptocurrency exchange" into a search engine, and then all set.

Here's what you shouldn't do:
- Don't reply to my email. It was sent from a temporary email account.
- Don't call the police.
Remember, I have access to all your devices, and as soon as I notice such activity, it will automatically lead to the publishing of all the videos.
- Don't try to reinstall your system or reset your device. First of all, I already have the videos,
and secondly, as I said, I have remote access to all your devices, and once I notice such an attempt, you know what happens.

Remember, crypto addresses are anonymous, so you won't be able to track down my wallet.

So long story short, let's resolve this situation with a benefit for me and you.
I always keep my word unless someone tries to trick me.

Lastly, a little advice for the future. Start taking your online security more seriously.
Change your passwords regularly and set up multi-factor authentication on all your accounts.

Best wishes.


I recorded you.

Hello there!

Unfortunately, there are some bad news for you.

Some time ago your device was infected with my private trojan, R.A.T (Remote Administration Tool), if you want to find out more about it simply use Google.

My trojan allowed me to access your files, accounts and your camera.

Check the sender of this email, I have sent it from your email account.

To make sure you read this email, you will receive it multiple times.

You truly enjoy checking out porn websites and watching dirty videos, while having a lot of kinky fun.


After that I removed my malware to not leave any traces.

If you still doubt my serious intentions, it only takes couple mouse clicks to share the video of you with your friends, relatives, all email contacts, on social networks,
the darknet and to publish all your files.

All you need is $1700 USD in Вitсоin (ВТС) transfer to my account.

After the transaction is successful, I will proceed to delete everything.

Be sure, I keep my promises.

You can easily buy Вitсоin (ВТС) here:


Or simply google other exchanger.

After that send the Вitсоin (ВТС) directly to my wallet, or install the free software: Atomicwallet, or: Exodus wallet, then receive and send to mine.

My Вitсоin (ВТС) address is: 1MvogqA76t4o8Cya83SbPCGn52VRJsbiUV

Yes, that's how the address looks like, copy and paste my address, it's (cAsE-sEnSEtiVE).

You are given not more than 3 days after you have opened this email.

As I got access to this email account, I will know if this email has already been read.

Everything will be carried out based on fairness.

An advice from me, regularly change all your passwords to your accounts and update your device with newest security patches.


Pending for payment.

Have you seen lately my e-mail to you from an account of yours?
Yeah, that merely confirms that I have gained a complete access to device of yours.

Within the past several months, I was observing you.
Are you still surprised how could that happen? Frankly speaking, malware has infected your devices and it's coming from an adult website, which you used to visit.
Although all this stuff may seem unfamiliar to you, but let me try to explain that to you.

With aid of Trojan Viruses, I managed to gain full access to any PC or other types of devices.
That merely means that I can watch you whenever I want via your screen just by activating your camera as well as microphone, while you don't even know about that.
Moreover, I have also received access to entire contacts list as well as full correspondence of yours.

You may be wondering, "However, my PC is protected by a legitimate antivirus, so how could that happen? Why couldn't I get any alerts?"
To be honest, the reply is quite straightforward: malware of mine utilizes drivers, which update the signatures on 4-hourly basis,
which turns them to become untraceable, and hereby making your antivirus remain idle.

I have collected a video on the left screen where you enjoy wanking, while the video on the right screen shows the video you were watching at that point of time.
Still puzzled how much damage could that cause? One mouse click is enough for me to share this video to your social networks, as well as e-mail contacts of yours.
In addition, I am also able to gain access to all e-mail correspondence as well as messengers used by you.

Below are simple steps required for you to undertake in order to avoid that from occurring - transfer $1550 in Bitcoin equivalent to my wallet
(if you don't know how to complete that, just open your browser and make a google search: "Buy Bitcoin").

My bitcoin wallet address (BTC Wallet) is: 1P28gw81epAv9RfjhaJikNjukboCrj8Lvn

Once the payment has been confirmed, I shall remove the video without delay, and that is end of story - afterwards you won't hear about me again for sure.
The time for you to perform the transaction is 2 days (48 hours).
After this e-mail is opened by you, I will get an automatic notice, which will start my timer.

Any effort to complain will not change anything at all, because this e-mail is simply untraceable, just like my bitcoin address.
I have been developing these plans for quite an extended period of time; so, don't expect any mistake from my side.

If, get to know that you tried to send this message to anyone else, I will distribute your video as described earlier.


1H9neD fDv92GiNfez CqnvzrCqx Dg5LaWpx


Î have to șhare bad newș wɨth you.
Approxɨmately few monthș ago ɨ have gaɨned acceșș to your devɨceș, whɨch you ușe for ɨnternet browșɨng.
After that, ɨ have ștarted trackɨng your ɨnternet actɨvɨtɨeș.

Here ɨș the șequence of eventș:
șome tɨme ago ɨ have purchașed acceșș to emaɨl accountș from hackerș (nowadayș, ɨt ɨș quɨte șɨmple to purchașe șuch thɨng onlɨne).
Obvɨoușly, ɨ have eașɨly managed to log ɨn to your emaɨl account (darin.bornemann.mobile@blogger.com).

One week later, ɨ have already ɨnștalled Trojan vɨruș to Operatɨng șyștemș of all the devɨceș that you ușe to acceșș your emaɨl.
În fact, ɨt waș not really hard at all (șɨnce you were followɨng the lɨnkș from your ɨnbox emaɨlș).
All ɨngenɨouș ɨș șɨmple. (:

Thɨș șoftware provɨdeș me wɨth acceșș to all the controllerș of your devɨceș (e.g., your mɨcrophone, vɨdeo camera and keyboard).
Î have downloaded all your ɨnformatɨon, data, photoș, web browșɨng hɨștory to my șerverș.
Î have acceșș to all your meșșengerș, șocɨal networkș, emaɨlș, chat hɨștory and contactș lɨșt.
My vɨruș contɨnuoușly refreșheș the șɨgnatureș (ɨt ɨș drɨver-bașed), and hence remaɨnș ɨnvɨșɨble for antɨvɨruș șoftware.

Lɨkewɨșe, ɨ gueșș by now you underștand why ɨ have ștayed undetected untɨl thɨș letter...

Whɨle gatherɨng ɨnformatɨon about you, ɨ have dɨșcovered that you are a bɨg fan of adult webșɨteș.
You really love vɨșɨtɨng porn webșɨteș and watchɨng excɨtɨng vɨdeoș, whɨle endurɨng an enormouș amount of pleașure.
Well, ɨ have managed to record a number of your dɨrty șceneș and montaged a few vɨdeoș, whɨch șhow the way you mașturbate and reach orgașmș.

Îf you have doubtș, ɨ can make a few clɨckș of my moușe and all your vɨdeoș wɨll be șhared to your frɨendș, colleagueș and relatɨveș.
Î have alșo no ɨșșue at all to make them avaɨlable for publɨc acceșș.
Î gueșș, you really don't want that to happen, conșɨderɨng the șpecɨfɨcɨty of the vɨdeoș you lɨke to watch, (you perfectly know what ɨ mean) ɨt wɨll caușe a true cataștrophe for you.

Let'ș șettle ɨt thɨș way:
You tranșfer $1650 UșD to me (ɨn |B ɨ t c o ɨ n| equɨvalent accordɨng to the exchange rate at the moment of fundș tranșfer), and once the tranșfer ɨș receɨved, ɨ wɨll delete all thɨș dɨrty ștuff rɨght away.
After that we wɨll forget about each other. ɨ alșo promɨșe to deactɨvate and delete all the harmful șoftware from your devɨceș. Trușt me, ɨ keep my word.

Thɨș ɨș a faɨr deal and the prɨce ɨș quɨte low, conșɨderɨng that ɨ have been checkɨng out your profɨle and traffɨc for șome tɨme by now.
În cașe, ɨf you don't know how to purchașe and tranșfer the |b ɨ t c o ɨ n ș| - you can ușe any modern șearch engɨne.

Here ɨș my |B ɨ t c o ɨ n| wallet: >> Împortant! The |B ɨ t c o ɨ n| addreșș ɨn the șubject of thɨș emaɨl. For copy ɨt you need to be șure to remove the șpaceș! <<

You have leșș than 48 hourș from the moment you opened thɨș emaɨl (precɨșely 2 dayș).

Thɨngș you need to avoɨd from doɨng:
*Do not reply me (ɨ have created thɨș emaɨl ɨnșɨde your ɨnbox and generated the return addreșș).
*Do not try to contact polɨce and other șecurɨty șervɨceș. ɨn addɨtɨon, forget about tellɨng thɨș to you frɨendș.
ɨf ɨ dɨșcover that (aș you can șee, ɨt ɨș really not șo hard, conșɨderɨng that ɨ control all your șyștemș) - your vɨdeo wɨll be șhared to publɨc rɨght away.
*Don't try to fɨnd me - ɨt ɨș abșolutely poɨntleșș. All the cryptocurrency tranșactɨonș are anonymouș.
*Don't try to reɨnștall the Oș on your devɨceș or throw them away. ɨt ɨș poɨntleșș aș well, șɨnce all the vɨdeoș have already been șaved at remote șerverș.

Thɨngș you don't need to worry about:
*That ɨ won't be able to receɨve your fundș tranșfer.
- Don't worry, ɨ wɨll șee ɨt rɨght away, once you complete the tranșfer, șɨnce ɨ contɨnuoușly track all your actɨvɨtɨeș (my trojan vɨruș haș got a remote-control feature, șomethɨng lɨke TeamVɨewer).
*That ɨ wɨll șhare your vɨdeoș anyway after you complete the fundș tranșfer.
- Trușt me, ɨ have no poɨnt to contɨnue creatɨng troubleș ɨn your lɨfe. ɨf ɨ really wanted that, ɨ would do ɨt long tɨme ago!

Everythɨng wɨll be done ɨn a faɨr manner!

One more thɨng... Don't get caught ɨn șɨmɨlar kɨnd of șɨtuatɨonș anymore ɨn future!
My advɨce - keep changɨng all your pașșwordș on a frequent bașɨș


Your personal data has leaked due to suspected harmful activities.

Hi there!

I am a professional hacker and have successfully managed to hack your operating system.
Currently I have gained full access to your account.

In addition, I was secretly monitoring all your activities and watching you for several months.
The thing is your computer was infected with harmful spyware due to the fact that you had visited a website with porn content previously. ╭ ᑎ ╮

Let me explain to you what that entails. Thanks to Trojan viruses, I can gain complete access to your computer or any other device that you own.
It means that I can see absolutely everything in your screen and switch on the camera as well as microphone at any point of time without your permission.
In addition, I can also access and see your confidential information as well as your emails and chat messages.

You may be wondering why your antivirus cannot detect my malicious software.
Let me break it down for you: I am using harmful software that is driver-based,
which refreshes its signatures on 4-hourly basis, hence your antivirus is unable to detect it presence.

I have made a video compilation, which shows on the left side the scenes of you happily masturbating,
while on the right side it demonstrates the video you were watching at that moment..ᵔ.ᵔ

All I need is just to share this video to all email addresses and messenger contacts of people you are in communication with on your device or PC.
Furthermore, I can also make public all your emails and chat history.

I believe you would definitely want to avoid this from happening.
Here is what you need to do - transfer the Bitcoin equivalent of 950 USD to my Bitcoin account
(that is rather a simple process, which you can check out online in case if you don't know how to do that).

Below is my bitcoin account information (Bitcoin wallet): 1dEfpd1sjZTCkjhb9DD5gnzMiiQYoXZhE

Once the required amount is transferred to my account, I will proceed with deleting all those videos and disappear from your life once and for all.
Kindly ensure you complete the abovementioned transfer within 50 hours (2 days +).
I will receive a notification right after you open this email, hence the countdown will start.

Trust me, I am very careful, calculative and never make mistakes.
If I discover that you shared this message with others, I will straight away proceed with making your private videos public.

Good luck!


Waiting for the payment.

Have you recently noticed that I have e-mailed you from your account?
Yes, this simply means that I have total access to your device.

For the last couple of months, I have been watching you.
Still wondering how is that possible? Well, you have been infected with malware originating from an adult website that you visited. You may not be familiar with this, but I will try explaining it to you.

With help of the Trojan Virus, I have complete access to a PC or any other device.
This simply means I can see you at any time I wish to on your screen by simply turning on your camera and microphone, without you even noticing it. In addition, I have also got access to your contacts list and all your correspondence.

You may be asking yourself, "But my PC has an active antivirus, how is this even possible? Why didn't I receive any notification?" Well, the answer is simple: my malware uses drivers, where I update the signatures every four hours, making it undetectable, and hence keeping your antivirus silent.

I have a video of you wanking on the left screen, and on the right screen - the video you were watching while masturbating.
Wondering how bad could this get? With just a single click of my mouse, this video can be sent to all your social networks, and e-mail contacts.
I can also share access to all your e-mail correspondence and messengers that you use.

All you have to do to prevent this from happening is - transfer bitcoins worth $1450 (USD) to my Bitcoin address (if you have no idea how to do this, you can open your browser and simply search: "Buy Bitcoin").

My bitcoin address (BTC Wallet) is: 1LrQJeowKsXbuPSJWVnVqz3Y79EftJSPt7

After receiving a confirmation of your payment, I will delete the video right away, and that's it, you will never hear from me again.
You have 2 days (48 hours) to complete this transaction.
Once you open this e-mail, I will receive a notification, and my timer will start ticking.

Any attempt to file a complaint will not result in anything, since this e-mail cannot be traced back, same as my bitcoin id.
I have been working on this for a very long time by now; I do not give any chance for a mistake.

If, by any chance I find out that you have shared this message with anybody else, I will broadcast your video as mentioned above.