Please Stand By...

Bornemann's Afield Mobile Updates is back on line.  Have a great season.  Stay safe.



HAPPY THANKSGIVING from Bornemann's Buckman Lake Lodge. Wanted to share this mornings sunrise with you.


Success At Last

Opening Morning of the Gun Deer Opener began with a cool morning about 28 degrees. Fog set in shortly after daylight. I was nestled in my blind for a day long sit. At 7:20 a dandy 10 point emerged from the fog. It was a buck I had not seen before. He walked with a limp evidence he may have been injured  before. The antlers rose high off his head. This day my sit would be short as he came to a stop while he nosed the ground looking for a girlfriend. I had other plans for him. I broke the silence with my trusty 7 MM Mag. Quick and Clean, just the way I like it.
Early success allows me to catch up on some scouting for next year. I also can get some chores done around the lodge.  
I now can turn my attention back to the bow. With late season there is one more chance to pursue the bucks we targeted throughout the Rut. I sit in front of the fire content that if I fill my Bow Tag or not "The Pursuit is the
Reward "


A 3 inch piece of String

Today is the end of Bow Week 2012. I am the last hunter left. It was a tough week at times, I learned a few things and had opportunites at a few bucks but decided to pass. It all  added to my appreciation of the Whitetail Deer.
A fresh blanket of new snow greeted us this morning. I decided to spend my last afternoon at Trump Tower, a stand that overlooks a food plot of soybeans that attracted deer all summer and fall. I was'nt able to sit the stand much this year because the wind was wrong time and time again. I was after a beautiful Nine pointer that I have hundreds of pictures of. 
Today I had the right Wind.  I got to the stand around 2 and settled in for my last evening. I had spent the previous 6 days sitting on different stands from dawn until dusk. The first action of the afternoon did'nt take long, at 2:28 I saw a doe enter the field looking over her shoulder and heard the grunt I was hoping for. It was the first time I saw the Beautiful Buck in person. He is more impressive in person than any picture I have of him. The two worked their way towards me. Everything was perfect, they had no idea I was there and I was just waiting for them to close the distance. He came to a stop just 21 yards away.  As I drew back my bow the String Loop snapped and sent the arrow sailing over the big bucks head. I had shot hundreds of practice arrows since summer with no issues. This past Tuesday I took several practice shots without incedent.
The sting of disappointment is still fresh in my mind. Why could'nt that string have just one more shot hit its mark? I m left with a picture of the big whitetail bounding out of sight. I never realized a "3 inch piece of string" could cause such frustration and disappointment.
All this is yet another reminder of The Bornemann's Afield Team motto "The Pursuit is the Reward".  I was able to spend 80 plus hours chasing whitetals. I have spent time with Dad, Jeff, Brian, Tim, Hank and Matt. Lots of Laughs, Great Food, Great Company and Great Times Afield.
And the great thing is I am completely ok with that and we have a a lot of season left.


Doe down for Brian

Barely had enough time to get the arrow nocked tonight and this doe came in this afternoon.  Thanks Rage for making my poor shot placement a success.  Bring on the bucks.

Late October morning

A crisp 25 degrees this morning with a light SW breeze.  Doe and fawn at 7:40 from the S.


Morning report

10 Does, 7 Toms, and one doe headed to the freezer.

First blood

First sit for Tim and I this season.  Tim drew first blood after a morning filled with does and turkeys.