A 3 inch piece of String

Today is the end of Bow Week 2012. I am the last hunter left. It was a tough week at times, I learned a few things and had opportunites at a few bucks but decided to pass. It all  added to my appreciation of the Whitetail Deer.
A fresh blanket of new snow greeted us this morning. I decided to spend my last afternoon at Trump Tower, a stand that overlooks a food plot of soybeans that attracted deer all summer and fall. I was'nt able to sit the stand much this year because the wind was wrong time and time again. I was after a beautiful Nine pointer that I have hundreds of pictures of. 
Today I had the right Wind.  I got to the stand around 2 and settled in for my last evening. I had spent the previous 6 days sitting on different stands from dawn until dusk. The first action of the afternoon did'nt take long, at 2:28 I saw a doe enter the field looking over her shoulder and heard the grunt I was hoping for. It was the first time I saw the Beautiful Buck in person. He is more impressive in person than any picture I have of him. The two worked their way towards me. Everything was perfect, they had no idea I was there and I was just waiting for them to close the distance. He came to a stop just 21 yards away.  As I drew back my bow the String Loop snapped and sent the arrow sailing over the big bucks head. I had shot hundreds of practice arrows since summer with no issues. This past Tuesday I took several practice shots without incedent.
The sting of disappointment is still fresh in my mind. Why could'nt that string have just one more shot hit its mark? I m left with a picture of the big whitetail bounding out of sight. I never realized a "3 inch piece of string" could cause such frustration and disappointment.
All this is yet another reminder of The Bornemann's Afield Team motto "The Pursuit is the Reward".  I was able to spend 80 plus hours chasing whitetals. I have spent time with Dad, Jeff, Brian, Tim, Hank and Matt. Lots of Laughs, Great Food, Great Company and Great Times Afield.
And the great thing is I am completely ok with that and we have a a lot of season left.

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