It started with a coupon...

I came home from work one day to an unassuming coupon book from my favorite outfitter - Cabelas. Paging through it, my thoughts turned to last years September hunt - 75 degrees, with good buck movement. Oh, and sweaty and sticky from making the 22 foot climb to my perch - the "Outlaw" Tim in the tree adjacent to me. My cotton turtleneck just wasn't cuttin' it for keeping me cool, as you can imagine. So when I saw the coupon for a mesh pants and shirt combo, plans were laid for a pilgrimage.

The following Sunday I was walking through the retail store doors, coupon book in hand. You know, when you make the effort to make the trip, you owe it to yourself to gather some gear intel. I should talk to someone about binoculars while I'm here, I thought to myself. The friendly staff pointed me to some Leupold Yosemite's which were the perfect weight and size that I was looking for and great clarity compared to my current pair. Best of all, they wouldn't break the bank. "Maybe I'll be back", I said. Next stop, I picked up the Super Mesh. OK, now that should be it.

Well, I should check out the packs while I'm here. Nothing like trying on what's out there to see how they work. Of course, I found something I liked better than the fannypack I have. The organization and expandability was an upgrade. Now I was mentally digging into my internet auction fund and then it happened. If you ever use online auctions, you know. I rationalized selling my old stuff online, which of course reduces the price automatically. Now it's a deal!

After I picked up some replacement Rage broadhead blades, I ran into my father-in-law. I looked at him, then at my cart. "We better get out of here."

But, not before snagging those Leupold's on the way to the checkout.

Looking forward to reporting on these items later in the season. But, until then, I've got some online auctions to get posted...

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