The Growing Season

August is here and that, for me, is the trinity known as the growing season. First off, foot plots are in the ground and looking good. Rain had been short mid-summer, but is picking up now. Funny how food plots are the only crops that are appreciated more when they're well grazed stubs-o-plenty.

Second in the growing season trifecta are antlers, of course. Those beautiful, velvet-clad racks growing inches by the day. This year looks to be as solid as ever. You can take a gander at our July recon missions in the 2009 Journal or see the bucks strut their stuff on the BWC Featured Video.

Finally, that last of the growing seasons begins in the coming days. The Braun electric shaver will have a well-deserved season off as nature's face camo returns. I hope you get to see it...surrounding a big 'ol smile between the tines of a BWC buck.

Good luck to everyone in the 2009 season,

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