April Scouting Report

Darin and I met up this morning to take a tour of stands and see how they wintered. We had also planned to walk a few trails for future stand locations. If we managed a shed on the trip, it would just be a bonus. The weather was perfect. Overcast and low 60’s.

First stop was our historically most productive stand we call Ten Point. Every season we manage to kill a ten point buck at this stand…until last year. There will be some future logging in this area so stand positions will need to be adjusted. We backtracked the very popular buck route into this area that we refer to as ‘The Gully’. It was a surprise to find rather open terrain for such heavy buck traffic. After bumping four whitetails, we came across a clump of oaks that will definitely need some attention come September.

We finished the tour after visiting three more stands. On our walk we came across something I had long assumed was gone forever…my arrow from my six point buck I shot in 2008. I couldn’t believe it when Darin held it up. No sheds for today, but I’ll take the arrow recovery.

We finished up the morning scouting a new area on the north section of this property, near a lake. We couldn’t believe the amount of fresh droppings in the area, and the size, which most likely indicates some good buck activity. We can only hope this area stays active come fall.

Along the way, we also cut some large bear tracks. At least the size of Darin’s hand. What a pad and about 80 yards from the stand we use for bear. I look forward to capturing my cousin’s bear hunt on film this year.

Two weeks until Darin’s turkey hunt. Looking forward to capturing a potential bead blasting on film. But, as always, it will be great just to be Afield.

I will repost this with today's pictures later in the week. Gotta pull the screen captures from the HD footage.

Good luck to all in your spring pursuits,