May 2010 Boyd's Recap

What a difference a year makes. Last year we lived in rain gear and insulated underwear. This year, highs in 80's. Everything was weeks ahead of schedule. The weeds were up and very thick, the water temps where mid to high 60's while last year they were in the low 50's. Little Bass lake was great for walleyes last year and this year very slow. The water level was down about 30 inches. Long Lake had a great evening bite and during the day we found 9 to 10 inch perch which was a pleasant surprise.

Big Fish included Dad's first fish of the trip a 21 1/2 walleye and I had a 23 1/2 walleye. No muskys boated but we had 13 encounters with muskys taking a fish we where reeling in.

It was good to have the crew back together with Dad and Jack back in the saddle. We saw a lot of fawns and a few right at the cabin. The food plots at the lease were finished up May 22nd. The beginnings of antlers were apparent everywhere but thats a different season.

Next up the musky opener!