Bear: Day 3 Recap...better luck, but not good luck.

Kevin's luck finally changed on Day 3. We had three bears in from 5:15-5:45. Two came in together and it took a few minutes for Kevin and I to determine which was the larger of the two. Unfortunately, once Kevin had his mind made up, it never presented another shot opportunity before leaving for good. Another bear followed 10 minutes later but was smaller than the decided shooter.

Two for one.

The shooter of the two.

One final bear cam through at 7:00 like a buck on a doe. Didn't stop to feed or anything. Just right on through. It was smaller than the previous three.

All of the bears were fairly wary of a larger bear in the area. They were comfortable until they had food in the mouth. Then they were history.

A technical difficulty prevented this from posting last night. Sorry for the delay!

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