Life is a constant remider

I had the great pleasure to compete in the Bob Ellis Classic this past weekend with my very dear friend Leon Duffrin. It was great to be back in the row troller together again. We were attempting to be the first two time Classic Champion. Here at Bornemann's Afield we take a great deal of pleasure in the Pursuit. We realize success is not measured by the Catch or the Kill. All one asks for is an opportunity to Pursue. Leon and I had just that. We competed and had only one fish on for a mere 5 to 7 seconds. It was a tough bite. Only two fish were caught during the entire tournament, both around 34 inches. The winner was a retired Physician  from Colorado. He traveled the farthest with his restored 1938 Shell Lake Boat in tow, so I guess he deserved it more.

Leon and I have logged more than 75 muskies row trolling between the two of us. We both agree the fish we had on was larger than 34 inches. We had two muskies row trolling just days before. While disappointed, I come away content. I spent the day with a dear friend, on a beautiful lake doing something I love. I am thankful to have the great fortune to share the outdoors with family and friends. Saturdays Bob Ellis Classic was one more reminder that  "The Pursuit is the Reward". God willing we will be back next year.

Hope to See you on the Water.


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