The Broadhead Challenge

My brother-in-law Tim began using Rage broadheads last season and successfully took a doe. I've been intrigued by the heads that "fly like a field tip and kill like a broadhead". This year my loving wife gave me a set of Rage 3-blades for my birthday. They came with a practice tip that doesn't deploy. I've been shooting the practice tips on and off that they are not quite as precise as field points, but accurate - meaning I'm on target, but groups are less tight.

Up to this season I've been shooting Rocky Mountain Premiers with great success. But admittedly, I really only shot them at "show time". Not much, if at all, at the range. I've never missed or lost a deer with them, so I figured I was doing pretty good. So, the question became "what's all the hype about?" (Interestingly, I believe Rocky Mountain and Rage are the same company given their common address.) So, a head-to-head challenge was in order. Or should I say a broadhead-to-broadhead challenge was in order.

The Test
Distance to Target: 30 Yards
Arrows: Easton Axis
Bow: Matthews Q2
5 Arrows
- 1 with field point
- 2 with Rage 3-blade practice tips
- 2 with Rocky Mountain Premiers (RMP) broadheads

The Results
I'm certain all shots would have been lethal. But there was a definate difference. As you can see in the photo, the RMP's were very tight, but grouped low and right of the field point. The Rage tips weren't quite as tight, but were consistent with the field tip.

I'll stick with the Rage this year and put them to the kill test, hopefully. I like that I won't have to readjust my sights for broadheads come season, but like I said, I've never lost a deer with RMP's. Needlesstosay, they won't be on Ebay just yet.

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