Smell Something?

During the long off season....did I say long? I mean REALLY long off season, I spend the majority of my time doing research on new hunting products and evaluating them. I like looking for products that let me downsize what I'm carrying or products that will give me some sort of edge.

A couple years ago I got curious about scent away spray, after looking at the bottom of my White Lightning spray made by Scent Shield - I noticed a lot of white powder on the bottom of the bottle.

So I started doing Google searches for anything related to scent sprays, and I ran into a website that I now consider the "bible" when it comes to Homemade Sprays. Here is the link. That mystery powder turned out to be simply baking soda, the cornerstone to all sprays. Over the last 2 years I've been making my own scent away spray and wipes and I passed the ultimate test when , BWC Editor Brian, cleaned out a doe last year and my wipes removed all smells from his hands. This year I removed the earth scent from my spray and went with a neutral smell. I can make a gallon of scent away spray for a couple dollars.

Reading into it more, I've found a lot of articles that say that racoon/fox urine cover scent is no more than an alarm for other wildlife in the woods including whitetail. So, I've found more and more people on the internet making their own cover scent. Here's one recipe:

3 lbs acorns
gallon and a half of water
hand full of pine needles

boil water and acorns til they get soft
mash them up and bring back to boil, throw the needles in
let them boil
strain liquid into spray bottles

Not sure if I'll follow thru on the cover scent - but I think trying to stay invisible is key, if critters can't smell you and you are up in a tree 20ft - the odds should be in your favor, just up to the deer to show.

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