The longest month of the season is here. Yes, I realize August only has 30 days in it, but it certainly seems like an eternity being this close to the season. August is the month I start talking about the season coming in days not months or weeks. August is also the month I really feel the need for a different perspective. The perspective of viewing the world from a different vantage point. The perspective of looking down on mother nature from 20' above the earth, nestled in the trees in the quiet of nature.

Opening weekend has not always been that productive, but I find that it's not a matter of seeing deer that drives me to be in the tree. It's the need to, well, be in the tree. I don't care what I see or don't see. Like that moment as a kid, anticipating that first present on Christmas morning. Of course, you open it and it's socks, but at least it's underway.

In 2007, opening day provided. Walking in with my father-in-law that afternoon (4 hours to close), we came face-to-face with a doe making her way to the forage plot, some 300 yards away. I was taken aback to have the first potential kill of the season broadside at 30 yards. So taken aback, in fact, that I by the time I committed to a shot, she noticed us and worked her way back from whence she came. I still regret not being more mentally prepared that evening.

In the stand, as one might expect, I was skunked on whitetail due to our detected entrance. But, I had the opportunity to observe and film an owl just a few yards away in an adjacent tree. Just a great experience in spite of the uneventful night. I left the stand happy. What a beautiful, quiet night. The presents of the owl and the end of the first 'sit' were much better than socks.

I end this entry with a simple picture taken by my blog partner-in-crime, Tim. It has been on my desktop background at work since January. God speed on your quest for perspective.

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